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Let the Proxy Battle Begin!
Special Meeting March 22, 2014
11:00 am

Download - Print - Mail your 'Vote NO' Proxy - click or right-click HERE (Word) or HERE (PDF) to get a Proxy form naming someone who will vote for you - the way you want to vote.

Some Members are being told by an SVL/HVL employee that if they don't mail in Proxies it is like voting no!  That is wrong Information!!

What is being said is that it is an automatic 'no-vote'  if a member does not mail in their proxy.  Actually, depending on how you hear it - it has some truth to it.    But is a no-vote that same as saying a vote of NO?  The Answer is-- NO!

The answer is deceiving-- a no-vote means that the member is not voting.  What these members are also hearing from the employee is -- Don't worry about sending in your proxy. It can't harm.  But a no-vote is NOT a vote no.  Don't fall for this.  Mail in a Proxy naming someone who will vote NO for you.

At the January meeting when the $15 Assessment Increase was discussed, several members asked the Board of Directors why the Proxy sent to members did not have a way to vote NO.

The correct answer was of course, members can come to the meeting and vote in person or try to find a member to vote your proxy on your own.  But how do those out of area members travel to the meeting.  How do those same members know someone who will cast a VOTE-NO ballot for them as their proxy.

You can be assured that the Board of Director have enough votes to get the $15 Assessment increase or they wouldn't be calling another Special Meeting of the Members in March.

The only reason the Increase didn't pass in January is that there was not a Quorum (20%) at the January meeting. The meeting in March, the quorum will be lowered to 10% and if the Board is allowed to use their Proxies, the issue will surely pass.  Don't let that happen.  Mail in your proxy naming someone who will vote your will.  Get your proxy now. Don't throw your vote away.

To be continued . . . .


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